4 th Capoeira Angola Women Power Conference 2013
We attempt to draw attention to the role of women in capoeira angola and show examples of women leaders. Our goal is although 50% female and 50% male participants. We believe that the inclusion unconditionally is the best way to combat segregation. Our ambition is to hold the conference in collaboration with active women in the neighborhood, and who, through their leadership makes a difference. The conference is held with the a Somali women’s association, Creative Call, a local grassroots organization and Systrami, a girl group at Blå Huset in Tensta.

Celebrate the international women day in Stockholm 2013 with CM Suzy Grupo Vadiaçao, Berlin & CM Gege – FICA,
TRAINING SCHEDULE 5 – 10 of MarchTuesday 5 of March
17.00 Kids
18.00 – 21.00 Adults
Tensta Blå Huset Casa Azul

Thursday 7 of March
17.00 Just for girls
TenstaBlå Huset / Casa Azul
19.00 – 21.00 Adults
Tensta Blå Huset/ Casa Azul

Friday 8 of March
19.00 Open RODA
Tensta Blå Huset / Casa Azul
Dinnner for all. Hosts are mothers from Tensta

Saturday 9 of March
11.00 – 19.00 Kämpingehallen
12.00 – 13.30 for kids Kämpingehallen

Speach about Creative Call with Johanna Tysk
Blå Huset/ Casa Azul. Exact time will be updated.

21.00 Dinner at St Eriskplan. Eritrean food! Admias mother!

Sunday 10 of March
Workshop in Tensta Kämpingehallen
11.00 – 17.00
12.00 – 13.30 for kids
Speach about Hjulsta Kvinnocenter.

600 skr with payment before 03 of march (for people arriving from other countries only registration)
700 skr after 03.03
Register four people from the same group and pay for three
100 skr discount for you travelling from outside Sweden
One day 400 s kr
Kids pay 50 skr each day.

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The lessons during the week are for free if you paid the workshop fee. If not you pay 100 skr each lesson. Kids do not pay.

T shirt, some of the meals and sleeping place is including in the workshop fee. Let us know if you need a place to sleep.

All citizens in Tensta participates in the training for free.

More guests – more rodas – more speeches – more parties -
Updating coming soon.

Contra Mestre Gege/ FICA
Maria Eugenia Poggi, born in Rio de Janeiro, started training Capoeira Angola under the guidance of Mestre Cobra Mansa in 1995 and was part of FICA when it was founded in 1996. Since then, she has participated in various international conferences; she was invited to participate in the 2003 Angoleiras event in Rio de Janeiro and the first Angoleiras Encounter in Europe in 2006, Cologne. She moved to Lima, Peru 2003 where she led workshops with different groups. Since two years ago she moved with her family to live in Salvador, Brazil and this year she had her title as a Contra Mestre. We are so happy to see Gege in Stockholm again for the third on time!

Contra Mestre Suzy / Grupo Vadiacao
Susanne Oesterreicher, born in Munich, started Capoeira 1989. She gets to know Capoeira Angola 1992 and decide to dedicate her self to the art. 1994 she organized the first Capoeira Angola Encounter in Europe together with Mestre Rosalvo and has since then doing a great initiative to introduce and establish Capoeira Angola in Europe. 1997 she founded Jangada; a capoeira- and dance academy in Berlin constructed on Brazilian traditions. Suzy received her title 2002 and the same year she was invited to the first FICA Women Conference in Seattle, USA. Without doubt Suzy has been a big inspiration for students in the whole world to confront difficulty and obstacles while learning the art of capoeira angola. This is the fifth time Suzy come to teach in Sweden.

Treinel Onça / FICA Stockholm
The event is coordinated by Åsa Gustavii who worked in Tensta as a field assistant, PE teacher and coordinator. Åsa runs the local capoeira club in close cooperation with parents and local organizations with help from her students. She has formal education in leadership, is certified as process supervisor and athletics consultant. As a Swedish pioneer she has practiced capoeira for 25 years with the goal of creating meeting places without limits in regards to age, gender or ethnicity.

FICA Stockholm in Tensta
Through a global network capoeira has spread across all continents, to people of all ages and from varying social backgrounds, where those who would otherwise be left without a public space and form of expression have earned both respect and recognition. Capoeira facilitates the exchange of traditional culture and folklore between locals, brings people of different backgrounds together and stimulates interaction and dialogue. The game can be said to be the fastest spreading sport in the world and has been dubbed one of the earth’s non-material wonders. Through the preservation of this oral tradition new, aware leaders are created. FICA Stockholm is since 2008 presenting Capoeira Angola for the citizens in Tensta as a substainibale tool for social change and crime prevention.

With a special thanks to the Cultural management of Stockholm / Stockholms Kulturförvaltning

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